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Toshimaru Nakamura / Gabriel Paiuk

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Jason Kahn - Gabriel Paiuk duo

Gabriel Paiuk and Jason Kahn began working together in Buenos Aires in 2004, investigating the micro-structures between Paiuk's piano and tools inner workings and the disjunction of Kahn's analog and digital electronics. 
Paiuk and Kahn's first CD, “Breathings,” was released on the now defunct Cut label in 2006 and featured Paiuk on prepared piano and Kahn on computer, recorded in Paiuk's home in Buenos Aires in 2004. Their second release, an online edition on the Homophoni net label in 2008 was recorded in Buenos Aires in 2007 and features Kahn this time on analog electronics.

Gabriel Paiuk playing live at (h)ear at Schunck in Heerlen 2012.

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Con Sergio Merce. Sesión de grabación Ensemble Resto del Mundo. Buenos Aires, 2009

Solo piano

Performance en

ERTZ. Bera, Navarra, 2006